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Lasse Bjerre

Lasse Bjerre was born on 31 October 1993 in Esbjerg. He started driving 80cc as 11-year-old, skiftedei 2009 as a 16-year-old to 500cc. In 2010 Lasse turned professional.

Lasse is one of Danish speedway greatest talents. In 2011, Lasse was awarded "Rider of the Year" for his Premier League club Ipswich. 2012 saw his biggest sporting triumph when Lasse won the coveted Danish U21 Championship.

Selected results:
Gold for the first league and bronze at the Golden Belt, both in 2009. In 2010, Lasse was the youngest rider ever to win the World Cup for U21 teams. 2010 also saw DM Slangerup, both for first Division team and the league team.

Lasse Bjerre

31st October 1993

Date of Birth:



Mother Vibeke, Father Ivan, big brother Kenneth and big sisters Janni and Lotte




Favorite food:
Pancakes with ice cream

Favorite drink:
Samba (the green!)

How do you relax by:
When I'm with friends and
play computer

Hobbies / interests:
Squash, PC games and friends

To become world champion at a younger age than Kenneth!

Clubs 2018
Esbjerg (DK)
Sheffield (Uk)
Krakow (PL)


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